Excel FISHERINV Function in Apex Salesforce

In last post (Excel FISHER Function in Apex Salesforce), we gone through the code for Excel FISHER function in apex. In this post we will see Excel FISHERINV function in apex salesforce. Basically FISHERINV function returns the inverse of the Fisher transformation.

Syntax of FISHERINV function is as follows in Excel

  • WHERE y is required
  • Value of y should be numeric.


Let’s see the code for Excel FISHER function in Apex Salesforce.

Above code can be added in any apex class, after adding this code we can use it as per our requirement. Lets test it from developer console. Go to developer console and in Execute anonymous window paste the below code.

After executing above code snippet you will get below output.

Excel FISHERINV function in apex salesforce
Output in Developer console after executing code.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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